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Porterbrook Cardiff Taster Session

Porterbrook Cardiff is officially set to launch in September 2011. I can’t speak highly enough of Porterbrook, both in terms of content and accessibility. In a nut-shell, Porterbrook is all about equipping everyday Christians to embrace every day life with gospel purpose.

Here’s what our friend Steve Timmis has to say about it:

We’ve had so much interest in Porterbrook here in South Wales that we have asked a team to come down from Sheffield to come and present/explain/commend the course to us. Therefore, if the prospect of credible, affordable, internationally respected missional training on your doorstep appeals to you, make sure you get to the Porterbrook Cardiff Taster Session.

The Taster Session will take place bewteen 3-5pm on Saturday 28th May at Highfields Church’s Dalton Street venue in Cathays, Cardiff. The session will include conversation with the Sheffield director of Porterbrook, feedback from a student who has done Porterbrook, information about how the course will run and what it will look like here in South Wales, and a Q&A time to address any areas that we may have otherwise missed. It’s free. There will be coffee. And you may well be meeting your future ‘course mates’.

So please do come along and find out more about how Porterbrook can serve you, your church and your world.

See you there.

PS – despite the name Porterbrook Cardiff – the vision is for the whole of Wales (and the South West), so if you’re interested in Porterbrook but think it’s not possible for you to do it because you don’t live in Cardiff – think again! We have a strategy that will make Porterbrook work for you, wherever you’re based.

Boot Camp – Get Booking!

OK New Breeders, with less than a month to go until the greatly anticipated Acts29 Boot ┬áCamp (May 5th-6th) it’s time to pull yer fingers out and get booked in.

With speakers including Steve Timmis, Neil Powell and some loud American guy called Mark Driscoll – this is definitely not one to be missed. Couple that with the fact that I’ve managed to secure quality overnight accommodation for us at the OM centre, coupled with local inside info on the best palace to go for a curry on the Thursday night – there’s really no excuse not to be there! Oh yeah, church planter’s wives are warmly encouraged to come too and there is even a wive’s only session on the Thursday – so come along ladies!

So there we have it!

If you really need more info you can click here.

However, because you’re obviously going to come, you’re better off just clicking here to book your place!

New Breed Road Trip – let’s do this!!

Bubble Gum Funding

Another of Jonesy’s vids from New Breed USA. This one addresses the issue of church-planting as a full-time vocation vs tent-making.



So if you’ve been wondering what Peyton Jones has been getting up to since heading back to the States, check this out…

Yep, New Breed is alive and kicking in the USA and Jonesy’s becoming a bit of a video genius!

You gotta love this…


Guys we’ve taken the tough decision to postpone the Coffeerence that was scheduled for March 12th. The reason for this is very simple – Porterbrook!!

Let me explain. There has been a ridiculous amount of interest in Porterbrook Wales (set to launch in September) and as such I’m getting asked a lot of questions about Porterbrook – how it functions, what’s expected of students etc. I’ve sought to answer people as best as I can but to be honest I think that the most appropriate way to answer everyone’s questions as comprehensively as possible is to get some of the Porterbrook team down from Sheffield – so that’s what we’ve organised!

So on Saturday 28th May New Breed will be hosting a daytime event in Cardiff to officially introduce Porterbrook to Wales (more details to follow!) We will have a Porterbrook team on hand to answer ALL your questions and help you to better understand why Porterbrook Wales is something to really get excited about!

So why postpone the Coffeerence? In short it’s because a March Coffeerence, followed by both the BootCamp Road Trip anf the Porterbrook intro in May is just too much stuff jammed into a short space of time. Therefore we’ll reschedule the Coffeerence for sometime in the summer. In the meantime, let’s get excited about all the good stuff happening in May!

Hope to see you at both!



Garn Plant Support Video

Meet Andrew & Sophie Toovey – a fantastic young couple who are about to take the extraordinary step of moving up to Garndiffaith in order to pioneer the church that Hill City is planting up there. This will be the next church to emerge from┬áthe New Breed network.

Please watch this video prayerfully and consider whether you could support them on their adventure by partnering with them.



Acts 29 W.Europe Boot Camp – For all Seasons


That’s when Acts 29 Western Europe will be hosting their UK Church Planting Boot Camp in Birmingham. Speakers for the 2 day event will include none other than Mark Driscoll, Neil Powell and the granddaddy of Western European church planting – Emcee Stevey T. It’s gonna be a fantastic couple of days and naturally we want to get as many New Breeders there as possible.

We’re hoping to borrow a couple of minibuses and find a friendly church in Brum that will let us kip on their floor overnight. Factor in a late-night curry and you’ve got all the makings of a memorable New Breed road-trip, so whatever else you might have booked in – CANCEL IT – cos this is gonna top it!

You can get more info by contacting

However, if you’re interested in coming as part of the New Breed Road Trip could you post a comment below just so we can sort minibuses and accommodation out!



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